StE Top Hat

Irish Draught

Color: Chestnut
Genotype: ee Aa dd Sp/sp

Discipline: Dressage

"Henry", is our newest addition to the farm. We decided that it would be best to develop into the breed standard for Irish Draughts. Henry is spot on, exactly what we were looking for. Not as tall as our mares, but he is built and well put together. He is showing great progress over fences, agile and brave.

Currently has limited breeding rights available. We breed one stallion at a time, with three best possible mares. As we refine the bloodlines to acheive our type and temperament.

GH Fancy Pants

KEL Tall Hat

GH LynLion

GH Julietta

GH Comatos

GH My Fair Lady

Henry arrived during a snow storm, looking super fancy in this pic