Reinbow Hills Stables - Paints - Downloads

Chapel Hill Farms - Paints & Nez Perce

Dragonfly Stables - APHA

Double Eagle Ranch - Quarter Horses

Smart Color Stables - AQHA

Rancho de Oro- Medicine Hats & Arabians

Free Spirit Stables - Paints & Appaloosas

Sugars Legacy Stables - Paints & Arabians - Facility Downloads

Rotherford Farms Estate - Asst. Breeds, Belgian Warmbloods & Unicorn

Windsong Equestrian Center - Unicorns, Appaloosas, & Danish Warmbloods

North Haven Riverview - Unicorns & Asst. Breeds

American Meadow's Equestrian Center - Arabians, British Warmblood & AHHA

Shamrock Rover Stables - Irish Sport Horses

Spotted Acres - Appaloosa & Warmbloods

Equestrian Estates - Paints & AQHA

Equestrian Center Sales Offices - Sales of Sim3 Horses

Paragon Farm - Assorted Breeds - Cool Downloads

Old Fellow Farrms - Pose Downloads "Amazing"

Dark Horse Stables - Full Role Playing Guide

Equss-Sims Forum

Special Breeders:

 Rotherford Farms Estate - Asst. Breeds, Belgian Warmbloods & Unicorn

Color Chart & Height Conversion

Color Genetics Made Easy - cool form to show genetic dispositions

Colors & Genetic Information - credit to Reinbow Hills Stables for this link!

Height Chart - credit to Paragon Farm for this link!


Rotherford Farms Estate - Unicorn Registry

Otter Hound Breeders & Registry

Steel Estates - Breeder & Registry